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May 6, 2014 - The "Getting Your Ducks In A Row" estate planning seminar arrives in Placerville. Register today...

When Congress changes the the rules of estate planning: A look back at the "fiscal cliff" legislation and forward to the next budget proposal...

Recent changes to trust law affects thousands, Is your trust still valid?..

Attorney Etan E. Rosen overturns a large case involving theft of millions - now set for a new trial.

Gregory R. Beyer, Stephen G. Pongratz, Etan E. Rosen & David L. Brown, four of Northern Californias most trusted Lawyers.

Stephen G. Pongratz receives award over $1,000,000 for injuries sustained by client.

Business owners: "The courts are more strict on rules regarding yearly validation of business entities - including corporations, partnerships, LLC's & the like - it is found that businesses who are "lax" in keeping the corporate code restrictions lose liability protection for owners..."


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Firm Overview

Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen, a Professional Law Corporation, was first started in 1992 by two of its founding attorneys, Gregory R. Beyer, Esq, and Stephen G. Pongratz Esq. Mr. Beyer and Mr. Pongratz had worked in the same office for 2 year prior to their creation of the current corporation. The main office of the business is in Sacramento, with a satellite office in Lincoln.

BPR's services include Estate planning, Trusts & Wills, Business Structuring, Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, Probate, Contracts and transactional work, Asset Protection Planning, Medi-Cal Planning, Elder Law issues, Litigation, Wrongful Termination, Personal Injury, Family Law, dissolution and Child Support, Probate and Estate Litigation, and other areas.

The firm prides itself on its quality staff, timely and affordable work, and customer care

Years of Commitment

For over 17 years, the firm has provided professional, reliable, unwavering support to our clients. The ethic here is service in its best, truest sense. We understand that our singular calling is service of our clients and their interests. We first listen closely, consider fully, and then provide honest, straightforward advice and advocacy. We will always understand that our clients know their business, its environment, and their ultimate needs better than we do.

Legal Expertise

At Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen, we recognize that our short term satisfaction and long term success depends on a long-term partnership with our clients. We constantly strive to become and remain a valued component of our clients' support teams. For many years, the firm has been an integral part in the communities. Estate planning, Business planning, Litigation and provider of other legal services. Our clients in these areas include retirees, business owners, investors, realators and other prominent members of the community.

Client demands and opportunities have led the firm to expand into and excel in many areas beyond these historical core practices. As a result of its services to business owners and investors, BPR has developed depth and expertise in Trist and Estate Planning, Asset Protetion, Wrongful Termination, Trust and Probate Litigation, Business Structuring and complicated Litigation, which in many opinions, is unsurpassed by any other firm of any size.

At the Courthouse

When our clients are embroiled in litigation, our aim is not to litigate but to resolve - to bring the matter to the swiftest, surest and most successful result possible. In this era of high stakes and early settlements, real trial skills are becoming increasingly rare. Not so at BPR, where there is an extraordinary wealth of trial experience. As a result, all BPR clients can feel comfortable that if the need arises, they have the legal team necessary to see a matter through the most complicated of trials. For BPR clients, settlement is always a strategic and financial option and not a necessity. BPR’s strategic use of law and motion and appellate practices also often resolves matters favorably without the necessity of a trial.

BPR attorneys have also been at the forefront of alternatives to courtroom trials. BPR attorneys have an extensive range of experience in alternative resolution tools such as mediation, arbitration, mini-trial, and third party evaluators. When these tools make strategic and financial sense BPR attorneys are well prepared to employ them.


Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen recognizes the importance of diversity in the ever-changing workforce environment in which we conduct business. The firm’s staff and attorneys are pleased to offer our clients language skills in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Hebrew, and other languages.

Professional Advocacy & Consulting

Finally, BPR recognizes that litigation and the drafting of document are only two components of the legal support necessary to serve its clients. BPR takes great pride in its collective ability to listen to clients and provide the strategic and responsive advice which can often avoid litigation. As a result, BPR has become a trusted advisor and counselor to many of its clients as they chart their respective business plans. Thus, BPR's clients, including professional firms, real estate companies, and many others have all come to count on BPR for practical and straightforward advice serving the immediate and long term interests of the client. In many areas such as real estate, employment practices, and construction, this strategic advice takes its final form in the drafting and negotiation of corporate documents and agreements integral to the success of our clients.





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